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How to win

For whoever referred you

1. Sign up to become a Rimpage athlete
2. Play 1v1 matches
3. WIN to keep earning ratings points
4. Be first to reach Sova Rel (1800 rating) 

5. Get your $10,000 + $10,000

1. Must maintain an active Rimpage membership ($20/mo.)
2. Must be the first player to promote to class 3 AND have a Supremacy score that is in the top 20% of DFW players
3. Cannot be a pro or D1 athlete
4. Winnings: $10,000 for you and $10,000 for the person who referred you to Rimpage

5. Must reside / compete in DFW market.
6. all matches must be certified*
7. Must be at least 15 years old to join.
For complete contest details contact Rimpage.

For you
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