Who can compete in the Preseason Tournament?
A preseason tournament will be held in each of the 8 largest cities in Nevada. Decide which city you want to represent in the regular season and sign up for the preseason tournament happening in that city.

Why Compete in the Preseason Tournament?
1. BECAUSE YOU LOVE THIS GAME, you love to compete, you
2. want to have fun
3. win cool prizes
4. win cash
5. Get ratings points that will start you a in front of the competition when the season begins

How do I get into a tournament?
Attend the Rimpage Scouting vent happening in your area. Players will play king of the court. The first 64 players to score the required number of points will be in the tournament. It’s that simple. It’s all up to you. Show what you can do. Win or go home.

Today Nevada. Tomorrow the world!

you win!

Finish among the top 32 players in your city (by rating) and enter the city championship tournament. Win that and you are the crowned city champ! Now enter the state tournament.


you win!

You win! You are the best basketball player in your state! You move up to the national tournament where all the state champion battle for the national crown!


you win!

YOU WIN! What an amazing run! As national champ you go on to represent your whole country in the biggest tournament in basketball, the Lions Tournament, where you'll take on all the national champions of Spain, China, Brazil, Nigeria, France, Germany, all of them!)


coming soon!

coming soon!


you win!

With the whole world watching... YOU WIN IT ALL!!  You are the Lion, THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER IN THE WORLD! Your story will be told in the Rimpage Hall of Fame!


Now YOU are basketball’s hottest star! Your highlights are all over sports media! Companies are throwing money and endorsements, and shoe deals at you. Hoops magazines and sports talk shows want you for interviews. You’re on top of the world. You are legitimately rich, and mega famous!


How does that sound?