Getting Started With Rimpage

New to Rimpage? You've come to the right place! This page will give

you all the information you need to get started. Welcome! We are

excited to see what you will do in this league!


Get Ready

In this stage you will set up your account, create a profile and

complete forms to make you an official Rimpage club member.

Stage 1 Checklist


Get Set

Now that your account and profile are set up, get familiar with your

profile. It contains the following 4 pages. 

My Profile

My Profile page is the main page of your profile, the first page your

visitors see. It has your name, city, state, and country, your Rimpage

rating and Ratings class and much more.

My Activity

The My Activity page is where you go to communicate with your fans,

other club members and with Rimpage. Fans can check your calendar

to see when you have matches coming up. You can check notifications,

create status posts, and compose and respond to messages.

My Matches

My Matches page is where you go to schedule new matches, view or

change currently scheduled matches, and view your match history.

My Performance

This page displays your stats, ranking, rating, and class. 



Now you're ready to start competing!  Have fun! 

Club News

Check out news from around the league in your city and around the world.

League Leaders

See how you compare to the rest of the league on the League Leaders page. 

Certify your Matches

Schedule and Certify Match.jpg

Still have a question?

Connect with us via chat! The icon is at the bottom right corner of your screen.