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Who can compete in the Next Big Star scouting event?
Any (non-NBA) athlete (male or female) age 15 or above. 

How does it work?

The Next Big Star event will consist of 5 rounds of 1v1 King of the Court. Each round lasts 10 minutes. At the end of each round the scores are tallied and the 5 players with the lowest scores will be eliminated from the competition. 


The fans / judges will have the power to vote for one of the five players, allowing him / her to remain in the contest and pass on to the next round. At the end of 5 rounds the remaining two competitors will advance to the championship round to determine the event winner.

What are the rules?


  1. Play starts when the defender has checked the ball to the offensive player.

  2. Offense has 10 seconds to attempt a shot or lose possession.

  3. Offense gets one shot attempt. Possession changes after the attempt. NO offensive rebounds.

  4. If offense player scores, he stays on and defense moves to the back of the line. 

  5. If offense player misses, then defense stays on and offense moves to the back of the line. 

  6. If you foul, you leave the court and play starts again with a new opponent. 

  7. If offense is fouled in the act of shooting and makes the shot, the basket counts. Defense goes to back of the line. 

  8. If offense commits a foul while scoring, the basket does not count. Offense goes to the back of the line. 

  9. No backing a player down inside the key. You may back the defender down until you reach the key. Must attempt shot from outside the key. 

  10. Hard foul, poor sportsmanship, disrespecting referee, inappropriate trash talking (crossing the line), fighting, cheating, and other egregious unacceptable behavior result in disqualification from the event.  

  11. Stalling violations result in loss of 1 point and possession.

  12. Each player gets two fouls, then he is in the penalty. Each foul after that awards a point to his opponent. 

What players get
All players get:

1. EXPOSURE! A chance to perform in front of a live and tv audience

2. player interview

3. commemorative Rimpage event jersey

4. free meal at event

5. Winner also gets cash prize

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