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Rimpage would like to interview you!

How it works


1. Decide what you want to talk about. (or select a few questions from below)


2. Record a quick video of you answering the question(s)


3. Upload it to this google drive folder


Rimpage will edit and post your interview to our social media.




Check before you film!

__  Good lighting

__  Quiet (no loud background noise)

__ Appropriate background

__ Looking your best!


Please select the interview questions you would like to answer

Interview questions
Your Basketball Story

Your Basketball  Story

1 How it all started.

  1. What’s your name

  2. What was life like before you had this dream?

  3. What led up to you wanting to achieve this dream?

  4. What inspired you to try to achieve this dream?

  5. What were you doing before you found out about Rimpage?

  6. When did you first realize you wanted to achieve this goal?

  7. Who was your role model? Who inspired you? Who is having the kind of success you envision for yourself?

  8. What was the turning point for you? What happened that made you get serious about this goal?

  9. Why basketball? Why do you play?

  10. How did you learn? Who was your first teacher?


2 The Dream:

  1. Where would you like to be in 5 years?

  2. What’s your goal?

  3. If you could have the life of your dreams, what would you be doing?

  4. Obviously you want to win the whole thing, but besides that what would you like to accomplish on a personal level? Like a Personal Achievement? 

  5. If you were to win this thing what would it mean to you? How big would that be for you? And what is next? 

  6. What does success look like for you? 

  7. How important is being the best to you?

  8. What does winning mean to you?



3 The Journey:

  1. How will you prepare for this event?

  2. How do you train?

  3. Where do you train?

  4. How often do you train?

  5. Have you tried professional trainers or training systems and routines and stuff like that?

  6. How interested would you be in working with a trainer?

  7. Is there anyone that you would like to dedicate your performance to today? Anyone you're representing like a coach who taught me the game or dad or training academy?


4 The Adversary:

  1. What do you think will be the biggest challenge you faced today?

  2. What was your biggest challenge?

  3. What was holding you back from success?

  4. Talk about some of the obstacles you faced along your journey. 

  5. What dark place did you have to enter? 

  6. What was your biggest test?


5 The Great Sacrifice:

  1. What did this cost you?

  2. What did you lose along the way?

  3. What was the price you had to pay?

  4. What was the turning point? 

  5. What are some of the lessons you learned?

  6. What sacrifices did you have to make to get where you are today?



6 The Victory:

  1. Is there anyone that you would like to dedicate your performance to today? Anyone you're representing like a coach who taught me the game or dad or training academy?

  2. You just won! How are you feeling?

  3. Is this what you imagined it would be?

  4. How challenging was this win for you today?

  5. How were you able to accomplish this victory today?

  6. How big is this?

  7. What does this mean for you?



7 The Return:

  1. Imagine you have achieved your biggest goal. Is there anyone who doubted you that you'd like to see you now? Can you talk about that?

  2. Who are in the doubters in your life? Who would you most like to prove wrong?

  3. Who are the believers in your life? Who would be the most proud of you if you achieve success?

8 The new you

  1. How are things different for you now?

  2. How has your life changed?

  3. How have you changed since this happened?

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Post-match Interview Questions

1. Talk about that match? How important was this win for you? What does it mean for you?


2. What was your mindset going into the match? How did you prepare?


3. Was there ever a moment when you knew you were going to win? What gave you that confidence?


4. What part of your victory stands out in your mind? what are you most pleased with?


5. How would you rate your opponent? Say a little about what it was like going up against him.


6. Speak to the fans in your city who will watch and cheer you on. What would you say to anyone who enjoyed watching you play?


7. What else would you like to add?

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Post-match interview

Pre-match Interview Questions

1.  Introduce yourself and share your thoughts about your upcoming match.  How are you feeling about your upcoming match?

2.  How did you prepare for this match? What is your prediction? 

3.  What message do you want to send to anyone who will be watching you play? 

4.  What do you want to say to your opponent? 

5.  What do you want to say to people who doubt you can win Sunday night? 

6.  What are we going to see when you play Sunday night? Anything special planned? 

7.  How special would it be to win Sunday night? What motivates you? What does this mean for you?

8.  What are the keys to victory for you Sunday? 

9. What are you concerned about coming into your match?

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Pre-match Interview

New Player Interview Questions

1. Welcome to Rimpage! Please tell your name, the city you represent on Rimpage and tell a little about yourself.

2. Talk about playing in a 1v1 league. What would you like to accomplish on Rimpage?

3. Talk about what it means for you to represent yourself and the city of Dallas on Rimpage?

4. What do you want to say to Rimpage fans in Dallas who will be cheering for you? 

5. What do you want to say to fans from other cities in DFW who will be cheering against you?

6. Describe your style of play on offense, and then on defense. 

7. Who was your basketball hero? Who did you really like growing up and why? 

8. Who would you like to give credit to for coaching you or inspiring you or teaching you the game of basketball? 

9. Is there anyone you would want to dedicate your success on Rimpage to? Who? 

10. What is the biggest challenge you faced in your journey to became the player you are today? 

11. What’s your favorite shoe brand? Describe your on the court style. 

12. What would you say is unique about you as a person and as a basketball player? 

13. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

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New Player Interview
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