Rimpage's purpose and mission are one: find the the best basketball player in the world.

Every day, millions of people, all over the world. . .

come to the basketball court …

to compete. . . .

They compete because…

that’s the only way to answer the question.

Through training…

they forge endless combinations of speed, strength, and skill. They develop different styles and approaches. No two are the same.

Many are good basketball players. Some are great...

But only one is the best.

The Lion... among the rest.

Every time you step on a basketball court, you are asked the same question…


Is it you?


You never say it, but all competitive basketball players

hear it.

Is it you?

What would it be like if you were the best,  the Lion above the rest. The question arouses terror as you contemplate it.


Still, the competitor inside you dares to quietly wonder


Is it me? Am I the Lion?


Who is a better basketball player. ..

Than you?


There’s only one way to find out.

You MUST compete!



You’ll never find the answer competing on a team. That is because.

Leagues with teams don’t answer the question.

they distract you from it.




You must find your way back to the reason you started playing this game in the first place. It was never about a team. It was about finding out how good YOU could be.



Now you have a choice.

Come to Rim page …

And answer the question.

Or go to team leagues and hide from it.

And while you wrestle with doubt, wondering if there is a Lion in you, or if the task may be too hard, the journey too difficult, remember this.

SOMEBODY is going to be crowned the Next Lion…

the best basketball player on earth.


Is it you?


For those who are ready to find out...


Rim page exists for one reason. It has one purpose and mission: Find out who is the best basketball player in each of 195 countries, and then the world.