Ashton Cook brings his “Texas Tornado” spin move to Rimpage’s Dallas circuit.

Rimpage Basketball Club Welcomes Ashton “Agape” Cook.

Ashton “Agape” Cook joins Rimpage Basketball Club and will compete in the Dallas circuit. “Ashton is an outstanding player. He’s got great moves that are well suited for the 1-on-1 game,” said Patrick Johnson, Rimpage’s founder and league president.

Cook is a smooth player. He seems to glide across the court and his jump shot is smooth and effortless. Cook is both an inside and an outside threat. He can shoot from distance even with a hand in his face. Particularly impressive is his spin move that Johnson has named the Texas Tornado. “The first time I saw him do that move I had to keep playing back the video. You have to see it a few times to even figure out what he did!” said Johnson.

Cook’s nickname comes from his strong faith. The term is a Greek word that refers to the unconditional love of God. “Faith has played a huge part in my life. That’s why I’m still going and never gave up! Despite the trials and tribulations I go through I know God has a plan for me and this is my purpose. My story defines what faith actually is! This journey isn’t easy at all but my faith in God has brought me a long way!”
Rimpage is excited to have Cook competing on the circuit. It remains to be seen how well he will do and how high he will climb in the ranks. Watch Cook’s interview with Rimpage’s Alexandria Hudson, which is soon to be released on the league’s YouTube channel. Follow Cook by accessing his profile page on

Matt Stauffacher garners 40 votes to win Rimpage’s voice contest.

Voice of Rimpage Contest Winner Announced!

Hear Matt’s winning entry here!

Rimpage Reel is the new basketball talk show covering Streetball(ers) in the Metroplex.

Rimpage to Launch New Basketball Talk Show for DFW Hoops.

Rimpage Basketball Club has come to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with cameras, lights and action. But they’re not holding the microphone up for Jerry Jones’ Cowboys. Nor are they contacting members of the Dallas Mavericks for interviews. Instead Rimpage has come to give a voice to the streetball culture.
“These aren’t paid actors or celebrity athletes. These are real people who live and play right here,” said Patrick Johnson, the founder of Rimpage Basketball Club.
Johnson says the show, called Rimpage Reels, will not be filmed in slick studios with high end equipment, to give it a more rugged street feel. “We went as far as to let the local talent audition to be the voice of Rimpage Reels. We are accepting and sorting through entries and hope to announce a winner soon. I’m excited to bring Rimpage to the Metroplex and look forward to the upcoming Rimpage tournament!” Johnson said.
Players in the DFW area are invited to contact Rimpage about being on the show. The email address is

Garrick Thomas is an entertainer from the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Voice of Rimpage Contest Down to Two Finalists!

Today we had a quick chat with one of the two finalists in the Voice of Rimpage Contest: Garrick Thomas.

[Rimpage Reel] Please tell us a little about yourself.

[Garrick Thomas] I am 30 years old and I am an actor/singer and all around entertainer. I work for the National Headquarters for the Boy Scouts of America as IT/Helpdesk for my day job. My career is focused on my acting and singing and becoming successful.

[Rimpage Reel] How long have you been doing voice work?

[Garrick Thomas] Believe it or not, this is actually my first voice over work.

[Rimpage Reel] How did you get so good at it?

[Garrick Thomas] I have been told I am a natural and I have a degree in Broadcast Communications, so I have the background.

[Rimpage Reel] In what other areas are you making use of your acting / voice talent?

[Garrick Thomas] I am utilizing my talents by auditioning for different acting and voice acting gigs.

[Rimpage Reel] If someone wanted to see some of your work, where could they go?

[Garrick Thomas] They could view any of my work on my social media: Instagram/Twitter (@gstylez817) and Facebook under Garrick Thomas. I am also on YouTube as Garrick Thomas and I have a feature film called “Texas Voodoo Zombies” I am starring in.

[Rimpage Reel] Do you have any gigs coming up that you’d like to share about?

[Garrick Thomas] I am booked for a commercial for a research company and I just auditioned for a BET series here in Dallas.

[Rimpage Reel] How did you hear about Rimpage’s Voice of Rimpage Contest?

[Garrick Thomas] I heard about this contest from one of the Facebook groups I am apart of.

[Rimpage Reel] What made you decide to enter?

[Garrick Thomas] I am very confident on how I can vocalize myself with any script I am given.

[Rimpage Reel] How well did you expect to do? Did you expect to be a finalist?

[Garrick Thomas] I knew I was going to do well but I was in shock when I found out I was a finalist because there was so many people that entered the contest.

[Rimpage Reel] Do you play any basketball?

[Garrick Thomas] Yes, recreationally.

Garrick’s entry can be heard here:

Matt, originally from Arkansas has been practicing voice work since he was a child.

Rimpage Chats wit Matt Stauffacher!

Today we caught up with Matt Stauffacher, one of the finalists in the Voice of Rimpage Contest to learn more about him.

[Rimpage Reel] Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am originally from northwest Arkansas, born and raised. I moved to the Dallas area about 3 years ago. I have worked in acting before. Biggest credits include: A major markets commercial for ABF Trucking Company and an unaccredited role in the movie 'Greater'
The most fun in acting I have had was playing a Rock Creature in the movie 'The Living Dark'

[Rimpage Reel] How long have you been doing voice work?

I started doing voices around the age of 6 or 7.

[Rimpage Reel] How did you get so good at it?

I started verbally mimicking sound effects, then I started to mimic other peoples' voices. I would practice to refine the voice. But sometimes I was able to just do it. It would just come out.

[Rimpage Reel] In what other areas are you making use of your acting / voice talent?

I am currently auditioning for voice over, acting, etc.. and working to achieve a career in both. A few years ago I did some VO work for a Proctor & Gamble convention, I also have used my gifts in churches that I have attended, and I enjoy using my voice to entertain and encourage every person I come in contact with on a daily basis.

[Rimpage Reel] If someone wanted to see some of your work, where could they go?

Well my acting you can see on Youtube (ABF U-Pack), as well as my drumming abilities... you can also see my stuff on my Instagram. I just cut a new VO demo that my friend is editing together and it should be up in the next few weeks.

[Rimpage Reel] How did you hear about Rimpage’s Voice of Rimpage Contest?

I heard about Rimpage's Voice Contest by being on Facebook and checking the Dallas & DFW -- Actors & Casting Network. I saw the post and thought, "Let’s do this!"

[Rimpage Reel] What made you decide to enter?

I wanted to take a chance and believed that I could deliver what was being asked for.

[Rimpage Reel] How well did you expect to do? Did you expect to be a finalist?

I believed that I could make it into the top 10. To actually be a finalist is flippin sweet!! I was excited to share that with all the people who have supported me in my pursuit of a career in VO.

[Rimpage Reel] Do you play any basketball?

I played basketball two years in a row...when I was in 5th and 6th grade. But I have always had and appreciation for the game. I am a huge college basketball fan. I grew up with Nolan Richardson as the head coach of the Razorbacks. During Razorback's championship run in 1993-94 I got hooked on the college game. To me college and high school ball are so raw. I also appreciate the street game: raw, pure, and no politics.

Matt's entry can be heard here:

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