Rimpage Is Ready to Make History!

AUGUST 10, 2018 - Basketball was invented in 1891. Since then hundreds of leagues have been formed. Still trying to find the best basketball player in the world’s 195 countries was unthinkable. No league has ever dared to try it . . . until now!


Rimpage is on a mission to do the unthinkable; to find the best basketball player in the world! Equipped with an international ranking system and probably the easiest big league to join in all of sports - all you need is a smartphone - Rimpage has adopted a system for determining the best player in every city, state, and country!

What Happens Next is Up To You!

Now the stage is set for the best of the best. If you can play this game, there’s nothing holding you back from all the glory, all the fame, and all the spoils of victory that your skill can bring you.


It’s every man for himself - on the biggest stage in the world, for the biggest prize in the world! Win your city, your state, your country to get into the Lion’s Tournament. Win it all and be crowned the undisputed best basketball player on planet Earth!


It’s going to be a long and epic journey and SOMEBODY is going to take his place at the top of the world. Is it you?

Be Part of History! Be the first player from your city to join Rimpage and promote out of Provisional! Get on the circuit right now for only $9.99 / month.

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