Rimpage Sponsorships

Now you can promote your brand while also doing good for the local community by sponsoring a Rimpage tournament event!

Rimpage events do more than just provide spectacular basketball entertainment; they also strengthen the community. Here's how . . .

Creating Opportunities for the community to connect  through sports.


  • We invigorate the athletic community by attaching a reward to the work athletes do to remain competitive.

  • We provide entertainment that is positive, accessible and family-friendly

  • We lower the barriers to entry into organized sports.

Honor public service workers who serve in our neighborhoods.

  • We say thank you to our local public servants at our events and show them our appreciation.

  • We build a bridge between public servants and the communities they serve to strengthen their relationship.



  • We leave parks in a better state than we found them through upgrade initiatives

  • We partner with local parks to enhance the benefit they provide to the community and encourage them to get out and get active!

Giving back, contributing to the

renewal efforts of local parks

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