Will Anyone Pick You?

Rimpage would like your opinion on street ball(ers) in your city. On March 25th we’ll post all the results right here. Submit your answers and come back and see what fans and players in your city are saying about you.

1. Who are the 3 best non-NBA players you know from your city? (must be currently active)

2. Where is the best spot to find good competition in your city?

3. How would you rate your overall skill level?

4. Where do you think you’d rank among the top 500 non-NBA players in your city?

Care to improve your position?

5. How interested would you be in knowing who actually is the best Non-NBA player in your city, if there was a way to know for sure?

6. How interested would you be in competing in a tournament to see who is the best non-NBA player in your city?

7. How interested would you be in competing in a 1-on-1 league for your city’s championship trophy and $25,000 prize?

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