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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

What is club membership?

Rimpage club membership is enjoyed by any person age 15 or older who continues to

  • pay the monthly membership fee

  • continues to adhere to Rimpage’s code of conduct

  • continues to compete in Rampage-sanctioned contests. Prolonged periods of inactivity may result in cancellation of membership.


Rimpage membership confers access to member benefits and events, the right to a profile on the Rimpage site, the right to compete for ratings points in the general circuit and the right to compete in the tournament circuit and represent one’s city, state and country.


How does one become a club member?

In order to become a Rimpage Club member one must

1. register

2. pay the membership fee.

3. complete orientation


How often does one pay?

The membership fee is billed monthly. Members may elect to pay once for the entire year and enjoy a discounted price.


What payment methods are accepted?

Members may pay membership fees with various forms of electronic payment, cash, check or money order. Contact administration for more information about electronic payment.


What are the ways that a membership can be canceled?

Membership may be canceled for any of the following reasons

  • Rimpage cancels membership due to violations of the code of conduct.

  • Rimpage cancels membership due to non-payment of membership fees

  • Rimpage cancels membership due to prolonged periods of inactivity.

  • Member requests cancellation of his / her membership. Cancellation is set for the end of the billing period by default. Member may request immediate cancellation in order to receive a partial refund.


What is Rimpage’s refund policy?

Payment of the membership fee constitutes agreement with the charges billed for that month. Members are allowed 30 days to dispute any charges they feel are invalid, otherwise the charges stand. Rimpage will only issue refunds under any of the following conditions:

  • The money was unintentionally paid to Rimpage AND the money is not owed to Rimpage. 

  • Rimpage was paid for a charge that it discovers to have been an invalid charge.

  • Money has been paid by new club member who changes his / her mind and requests the money back BEFORE enjoying any club member benefit.


What is Rimpage’s obligation to its members?

Rimpage agrees to deliver only the membership benefits that it specifically states it will deliver in its advertising, promotions or its contracts.


Waiver of liability

It is expected that each member will make their own assessment, with the help of a medical professional, as to his / her suitability for participation in athletic activity. By requesting to be a member, each player asserts that he/she has been medically cleared to compete and individuals do so with the understanding that Rimpage is not responsible for any losses of personal property or injury they meet with before, during and after competition. Competition is at will.


Who owns the rights to the content posted / submit to Rimpage? By accepting Rimpage’s membership terms, you agree that Rimpage owns the rights to all content it receives. You agree that these rights are conferred without limitation to Rimpage the moment they are received from you by Rimpage, unless otherwise stated in a written agreement. 


What is the member’s obligation to Rimpage?

Rimpage members, as part of their agreement, agree to pay their monthly membership fee and abide by Rimpage’s code of conduct and to conduct themselves always in a manner that does not harm Rimpage, it’s partners / affiliates, or its interests.


What kinds of content am I allowed to post on my profile?

Rimpage prohibits the posting of any content that may be construed as offensive, vulgar, pornographic, obscene or other malicious or injurious to Rimpage, its members and or its interests. Rimpage is not responsible for claims of copyright infringement against an content posted by its members. By posting, the member asserts that he / she is clear of any copyright infringement. 


City of Representation

Members may only represent the city in which they currently reside, or in some cases, the nearest largest city. Requests to change cities will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

What happens to my profile data if my membership is canceled?

Your Rimpage profile data will may be deleted after 12 months of inactivity. This includes cases where you or Rimpage cancels your membership.

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