Dear DFW trainers. . .


There’s a new basketball league in Texas, Rimpage Basketball Club!

We know what makes great leagues is great players. And what makes great players is great training. So we’re looking to introduce our community to DFW trainers via our Youtube channel.


As a guest on the show you can:

  1. Share expertise on basketball topics

  2. Share training tips

  3. Tell what’s unique about your programs

  4. Talk about services you offer  

To get started

Fill out the form below to tell us about your program. If you’re a good match, a Rimpage representative will contact you to explain next steps. We look forward to working with you!

What age group(s) do you train?

Where do you train your clients?

We'd like to bring you on the show from time to time as a league consultant. We'd ask you to weigh in on various basketball topics. How interested are you in this?

What part of your program would you most like to highlight? 

What program goals are you focused on currently?

How are you different? What's special about your training program?

Please provide your preferred contact information