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A Rimpage match between James and Mark (not their real names) was scheduled in May of 2022. Mark arrived but James did not.

When Rimpage reached out to James there was no response. After waiting for more than half an hour it was decided that the match would be recorded as a victory for Mark by forfeit.

At 4:37 that day someone else reached out to Rimpage on James' behalf and said that James missed his match because of a serious medical / health issue.

Not long after that James also reached to Rimpage and said he had been sick and was not able to call / text to inform that he would not be able to play his match.

Since then Rimpage has adopted a policy around match forfeits. Now whenever a match is scheduled this policy is communicated to the players.

Since we were not doing this at the time when James' match was scheduled and since he was so sick he could not call / text to inform that he would not be able to play his match,  James is asking that the forfeit be overturned.

If this request is granted his record would change from 0 - 2 to 0 - 1 and Mark's record will be changed from 3 - 0 to 2 - 0.

Please cast your vote. Based on the circumstances as described above, should the forfeit match be removed from the records?

Please say yes or no and share why you gave the answer you gave. YOUR VOTE AND YOUR ANSWER WILL BE ANONYMOUS. Only the result of the vote will be shared with the players involved.

Thank you.

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A Rimpage match has been scheduled for you.
IF this is an error, please notify us immediately! Otherwise Compete with honor! Compete to win!
If you are unable to start your match at the scheduled date, time and location, you may request that the match be cancelled or rescheduled as long as your request is received by Rimpage at least 1 hour before your scheduled start time.

All requests received less then 1 hour before the scheduled start time will be denied, and your opponent will be awarded the win, unless your opponent agrees to reschedule our cancel the match.